Unit 4-03: Interpersonal Violence and Problem Gambling

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Unit 4-3 -domestic violence

Unit 4-03: Interpersonal Violence and Problem Gambling

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The realities behind interpersonal violence (IPV) are shocking, and the consequences that result from IPV wreak havoc for families in our communities. The background of each domestic violence scenario can be unique, offering different circumstances for each case. Included in these differing circumstances is problem gambling.

Problem gambling and family violence actually share several common features that include loss of control, continuation despite adverse consequences, tolerance and withdrawal, involvement of the entire family, preoccupation or obsession and defenses of denial, minimization and rationalization. These features provide a connection between problem gambling and IPV which warrants further discussion and study in treating this population.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Know the prevalence rates of IPV and how it is connected to problem gambling;
  • Understand the impact of problem gambling and violence on the family unit;
  • Describe the two models of batterer treatment programs; and
  • Understand how treating problem gambling is connected to IPV.

Unit Outline:

  • The Alarming Realities
  • The Family Impact of Problem Gambling
  • The Effectiveness of Batterer Intervention Programs
  • Treating Violence and Problem Gambling