Unit 3-07: Treatment and Gam-Anon

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Unit 3-07: Treatment and Gam-Anon

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Gambling Disorder and possible relapse has adverse effects on the family as well as on the gambler. This webinar reviews the number one as well as common relapse triggers. Self-care suggestions are given for spouses, parents, children and others have been on a rollercoaster of emotions, behaviors and consequences. Participants will learn the importance of educating and motivating the families to make healthy recovery decisions. Counselors will be reminded of our own self-care and countertransference issues. Finally, all eight previous webinars on Treating Family members of problem gamblers will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • To understand that Gamblers as well as family members can experience a relapse
  • To review common relapse triggers to old behaviors/addictions
  • To learn the number one relapse trigger
  • To review Codependency, enabling and better behavior choices
  • To learn Self-care skills
  • To remind Counselors of Countertransference issues
  • To practice assessing and treating the case of Joyce and her two adult daughters
  • To review all eight Family Treatment webinar topics

Unit Outline:

  • Review basic education, safety and self-care issues
  • Highlight the importance of the relationship between the family member and the therapist
  • Learn 13 key treatment techniques
  • Review current adjunctive Smart technologies
  • Review a sample Financial Treatment Plan issue
  • Practice assessing and treating the case of Mei and her husband