Unit 3-06: Communication, Forgiveness and Acceptance

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Unit 3-06 couples therapy

Unit 3-06: Communication, Forgiveness and Acceptance

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This webinar is designed to help therapists teach better assertive communication skills to family members of problem gamblers. It will help participants distinguish between forgiveness, forgetting and acceptance. The presentation follows the family case of Linda and Josh, an investment broker, and their financial situation as attendees identify their financial, communication and forgiveness issues.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • To empathize with the shock and anger as family members learn of the financial devastation
  • To be vigilant of safety, co-occurring and crisis issues
  • To define communication and identify the three different kinds
  • To learn to distinguish between forgiveness and forgetting
  • To help clients find acceptance
  • To practice assessing and treating the sample family case of Linda and Josh

Unit Outline:

  • Assess who is considered Family and what are their issues
  • Define Communication and identified 3 types
  • Contrast Forgiveness vs. Forgetting
  • Help with Acceptance
  • Review the case of Linda and Josh