Unit 3-02: Dealing with Emotions and Stress – of the Family

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Unit 3-02: Dealing with Emotions and Stress – of the Family

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This webinar introduces participants to the emotional concerns of family members of Problem Gamblers, and the ways in which these concerns present. With the aid of a sample case study, attendees will learn stress management tools which patients can use to cope with common feelings and problems.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • To understand what the Family member experiences
  • To help client’s identify and deal with feelings
  • To practice assessing and treating the case of Dan and Sarah
  • To review common family characteristics
  • To help family members deal with stress and learn to be mindful and relax

Unit Outline:

  • Review Unit 3.1: Safety, Financial Management and Treatment Overview
  • Case Study: Dan and Sarah
  • Common Presenting Problems
  • Characteristics
  • Emotions
  • Reactions of Families
  • Managing Stress and Making Decisions
  • Mindfulness Relaxation
  • Review case of Dan and Sarah