Unit 2-05: Understanding GA and Its Efficacy with Treatment

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Unit 2-05: Understanding GA and Its Efficacy with Treatment

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During this hour-long unit, we will learn the basic structure and history of Gambler’s Anonymous, how to use Gambler’s Anonymous concurrently with treatment or as an after-treatment model, and how to utilize the Gambler’s Anonymous relapse prevention methods, sponsorship, and the financial recovery program.

At the end of this class, attendees will know how to incorporate Gambler’s Anonymous into a treatment plan, and how and when to utilize its literature, phone meetings and website.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session, the participant will understand:

  • The protocols for a treatment professional to attend a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting;
  • How to obtain and use Gambler’s Anonymous literature;
  • The Gambler’s Anonymous Unity and Recovery Programs;
  • How and when to use the Gambler’s Anonymous 20 Questions as a self-screening tool.

Unit Outline:

  • History of Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gamblers Anonymous Structure
  • Gamblers Anonymous Unity Program
  • Gamblers Anonymous Gambling Definition
  • Page 17
  • Guests Attending a Meeting
  • Gamblers Anonymous Compared to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Gamblers Anonymous Literature and Purchase
  • Incorporating Gamblers Anonymous Into a Treatment Plan and Documentation
  • Gamblers Anonymous Meetings
  • Sponsorship
  • Gamblers Anonymous Pressure Relief
  • Working the Steps (Recovery Program)