Unit 1-06: The Gambler: Finances and Tools – Part 3

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  • Mental Health Professionals

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Unit 1-06 Financial Tools w Calculator

Unit 1-06: The Gambler: Finances and Tools – Part 3

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During this hour-long session, the final of a 3-part series, attendees will learn how to use the provided forms to: explore and quantify the gambler’s behaviors and attitude towards money; determine the severity of the gambler’s financial problems; snapshot the gambler’s current budget vs. income and determine solvency; track their money and set a budget going forward; and avoid barriers against money triggers.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session, the participant will:

  • Be able to initiate a conversation about money with their patients;
  • Work with their clients to snapshot their budget vs. income, and develop a functional budget;
  • Educate their clients to track and responsibly spend money, and pay bills;
  • Have a working knowledge of the Pressure Relief system, developed by GA.

Unit Outline:

  • Talking About Money with Clients Review
  • Money Exercises
  • Gamblers Anonymous Pressure Relief